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RentInspect is a system to allow rental property inspections to be performed with the aid of laptop, tablet or smartphone device, to make your property managers more productive throughout the day. Our simple modern system improves the process flow of information between all parties in a property rental agreement. There is no upfront investment in on-premise servers and software. A simple pricing model means you can sign up and start gaining the benefits straight away. No lock in contracts means it’s simple and easy to try.


  • Less time spent reviewing property management reports for your properties
  • Confidence and peace of mind that your properties are being inspected in a timely manner
  • Lorem View all your properties in one simple system no matter how many different agents you use
  • Provide documented evidence in case of tenant damage


  • Review when all your properties are due for inspections and when they have been scheduled by the managing agents
  • Easy online access to the inspection once it has been completed.
  • Update the completed inspect with your comments to provide back to the agent
  • Prompt your agent to perform an inspection if required
  • Provide a history of reports for all your properties


  • Help your property inspectors become more productive throughout the day
  • Increase the number of properties your staff can handle and inspect
  • Save on double handling of writing up inspection reports
  • Process improvements across your rental property portfolio as Inspections are completed and written up (including photo evidence) whilst on the property.
  • RentInspect handles the flow of communications between all parties around a property.


  • A simple easy system to schedule and perform rental property inspections from almost any mobile device.
  • eview previous property inspections whilst on the road.
  • Access to Google maps to show where the property is location.
  • One dashboard to understand the status of all your inspections for the current day.
  • Remote Rescheduling whilst on the road due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Communicate and schedule the inspect with your tenants through the system.
  • Keep track of all communications relating to a property between landlords and tenants.
  • Easily integrates to your existing Real Estate business systems.


  • Know when your property is due to be inspected.
  • Provide prior inspection reports as supporting documentation for future rental applications.


  • Provide feedback around potential scheduling conflicts for the inspection.
  • Know immediately when an inspection has commenced and finished.
  • Review the completed inspection report online and provide feedback to the agent on items of concern.

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